Upcoming Deliberative Session Dates!

Below are the dates, times and places for the public hearing and deliberative sessions for both the school district budgets and the new Tentative Agreement (TA). Comments and questions will happen then and the budget committees will vote to recommend or not.  These recommendations are crucial as the vote tallies are included on the ballot and are quite influential.  Please attend your town’s deliberative session as a show of support for the tentative agreement!  See you there!

public hearing on budget and ta

The Tentative CBA At a Glance

Here are the proposed salary schedules and costs for the Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2023.  The Tentative Agreement will be voted on next week at deliberative sessions, please see the next post for details on where and when to attend your town’s session.

Tentative Agreement Year 2019-20

Tentative Agreement Year 2020-21

Tentative Agreement Year 2021-22

Tentative Agreement Year 2022-23