Security Upgrades/Teacher Death Benefit Legislation Passed

“A bill to provide death benefits to teachers killed on the job is headed to the governor’s desk. On Wednesday, the House and Senate signed off on legislation that will provide millions of dollars for school security upgrades. Lawmakers also tacked on a $100,000 death benefit that will be provided to teachers who are killed in the line of duty. Gov. Chris Sununu applauded the passage of the bill this afternoon, and a spokesperson for the governor said he will sign it into law.” -WMUR

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SB 193 UPDATE (UGH, NOW HB 1636!)


So SB 193 has been killed twice so far but it’s back up for consideration AGAIN as part of HB 1636 so we’re still fighting this monster. Get on the horn and tell our reps to vote this thing down AGAIN.

Here’s an update from Reaching Higher NH:

“On Wednesday and Thursday, the House voted two times to kill SB 193, the statewide voucher bill, by sending it to interim study. But late last night, the Senate brought back the voucher bill by attaching the original version of the legislation (the version introduced in early 2017) to an unrelated bill, HB 1636. The Senate then passed HB 1636. So, SB 193 is now back up for consideration.

The version of SB 193 that the House killed extended eligibility to ~38,000 students in New Hampshire in its first year. The non-partisan Legislative Budget Assistant (LBA) estimated that this version of the bill would have resulted in local taxpayers assuming the costs for the loss of ~$99 million in state funding over eleven years.

The version of SB 193 passed by the Senate last night extends eligibility to ~170,000 students in New Hampshire in its first year, including students currently in private school and homeschool. This means the financial impact on local taxpayers could be over four times greater than what the LBA estimated.”