UPDATE: TABLED! Stop HB 607: Vouchers are STILL wrong fOR NH

HB 607 would create another, even more dangerous school voucher plan that takes from your locally raised public school tax dollars to fund school voucher accounts that can be used to pay for private, religious, or home schooling. There is NO limit on the income level of families who can receive funding from the community. HB 607 could remove dangerously huge chunks of public school funding at the local level. This bill would represent a dramatic expansion of the school voucher program which is already 5,000% over budget. HB 607 has little accountability built into it and outsources local property taxes to a 3rd party that is not accountable to taxpayers.

Go to the NEA-NH Take Action Page for details on how to help stop HB 607
from taking even more money from our public neighborhood schools.

Call Your Legislators and let them know:
•HB 607 would have a disastrous effect on our local school districts and could result in big property tax increases in order to fund two school systems at the expense of a quality public school education for all.
• It means working families will pay for the private and home school tuition for ultra-wealthy families with no accountability.
• The recent state voucher plan is resulting in millions of new spending, it’s time to pump the brakes before we risk that happening at the local level at the expense of public schools.

Examples of the money that New Hampshire school districts will lose if that community is forced to pay for private school or home schooling:
Thousands of dollars would leave the public school districts using this method with each child that uses a local level voucher from HB 607. For example:
• $11,462 per student in Newfields,
• $10,787 in Rumney,
• $4,871 in Conway, and
• $8, 870 in Deerfield.