SEA Commitment to Anti-Racism

Seacoast Education Association stands in solidarity with protesters from all 50 states and around the world demanding an end to systemic racism and police violence. We mourn the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, and we will work for justice on their behalf. Black Lives Matter and we are committed to holding law enforcement, decision-makers, elected officials, and institutions accountable. We are dedicated to the following actions in New Hampshire schools:

-Ending Zero Tolerance discipline policies in schools
-Hiring Black educators and creating a more diverse teaching force
-Mandating Black history and ethnic studies in K-12
-Equitable funding for New Hampshire schools
-Anti-racist training and professional development for teachers
-On-going education, resource-sharing, and discussion among educators and colleagues
-Funding for school counselors and culturally sensitive social-emotional learning curriculum
-Providing a safe and effective learning environment for students of color
-Engaging in programs, campaigns, policies, and capacity-building efforts that dismantle institutional racism now and into the future

Thanks for Voting and Congrats to the 2020-2021 SEA Representatives and Officers

Thank you, SEA members, for voting in our 2020 elections and a big thanks to our dedicated representatives and officers -present and future.  A special shout-out goes to John Croteau and AJ Pruett for so many great years of service as President and Vice President.  We all appreciate your steadfast leadership and the sacrifices you made to be there for us time and time again.  Thank you, John and AJ!

The results are as follows:

SAU 21 Reps:
Hampton Falls
Kelli Maynard
Amy Roy

North Hampton
Daniel Singer
Debra Vasconcellos

Seabrook Elementary
Lyndsey Hamblet
Janice Hartley

Seabrook Middle
Rebecca Scherbon
Matthew Wooley

South Hampton
AJ Pruett

Ron Auffant
Wendy Bergeron
Stacy Brown
John Croteau
Sarah Edgar
Andy Gushee
Michael Myers
Amy Scholes
Sarah Trahan
Amy Waterhouse

SAU 90 Reps:
Centre School
Johanna McPhee
Cindy Colby

Hampton Academy
Justin Coggeshall
Jim Doherty
Sean Tierney

Marston School
Michelle Croteau
Amber Levine

SEA Officers:
Co-Vice Presidents:
Amy Murphy
Andy Gushee

Andrew Wallace

Brandon Michaud

Karin Backstrom

March 10th Election Results

Last night’s election results were mixed to say the least. It’s with heavy hearts that we report that the SAU 90 teachers’ contract failed by 45 votes despite our efforts.  The results in Hampton were surprising on several levels, but we can learn from them and come back even stronger next year.  This is no consolation for the loss SAU 90 members are facing, but we reiterate our commitment to passing this contract.

We want to thank everyone for their hard work -the sign holders, postcard writers, lawn sign hosters, phone bankers, Facebook sharers and fundraiser raffle buyers & donors and of course, our great reps and negotiations team.

There were certainly many positive results here as well that deserve mention.  We congratulate the SESPA Paraeducators’ for their well deserved contract victory and all of the pro-education candidates who won office last night. In addition, all of the budgets passed (Go Seabrook!) and with the exception of Hampton Falls paving project, all of the SAU 90 and 21 school upgrades passed as well. 

Here is a condensed list:  
-SAU 90 and 21 budgets passed including a big win in Seabrook!
-SESPA contract passed!
-All SAU 90 and 21 school upgrade warrant articles passed  
(with one exception -the Hampton Falls paving project)
-Patricia O’Keefe won BIG for Seabrook Rep on WHS Bud Comm
-Andrea Shepard won the Hampton school board seat
-Jason Farias won the Hampton Falls school board seat
-Jennifer Hubbard and Kelli Hueber won Seabrook seats
-Nermina Peterson and Martin Tavitian won North Hampton seats
-The Hampton Firefighters contracts unfortunately did not pass

Upcoming Deliberative Session and Budget Committee Dates *IMPORTANT*

Deliberative Sessions are the final part of the process of creating a budget. During these sessions, a resident can petition to remove money from the proposed budget and the session attendees will vote on the proposal. Because of the usually small amount of attendees, petitions for budget cuts can be made that do not reflect the will of the town and for that reason attendance is VERY IMPORTANT. Please encourage pro-education voters to attend the deliberative sessions in their town and be present for a vote on petitioned cuts.