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Folks we’ve done a great job with postcards – thank you for your efforts!  The next phase is visibility.  We have decided to target Seabrook, Hampton and North Hampton on Thursday, Friday and Monday.  The point of visibility is for people to have a presence in the community. All you need to do is hold a sign, smile and wave.  It easy, fun and a good opportunity to connect with your peers and inform others.

I used Sign Up Genius to organize our efforts.  Click on the link(s) below, click on the day you want to sign up for and hit “submit” and sign up.

We’re takin’ it to the streets!

Hampton Visibility

Seabrook Visibility

North Hampton Visibility

1. Join Basecamp, Seacoast Voters For Teachers, check the site often, and connect with your reps to lend a hand.

2. Attend Deliberative Sessions February 6-9 to debate and vote on budgets and warrant articles so that cuts aren’t made -make your voices heard!
Sign-up here for your session and get there!  District voters can speak on proposed budgets and warrant articles and vote to support the students and teachers of SAUs 21 and 90.  Non-residents’ attendance is still so important to the process by showcasing numbers and supporting their voting colleagues and profession.

3. Join the Seacoast Voters For Teachers facebook page and share the images and information on your page.  Click the invite button to add district voters and alumni you know and encourage them to share as well.  Consider changing your profile picture and background picture to the images on the FB page or the images on this site. Share your experiences on Facebook about the effects of the 3 failed contracts.

4. (3/8/17) Only 6 days to go!  Phone banking, sign visibility, and canvassing this week!  Any time you can contribute is appreciated -time to get involved!

Monday 3:30pm – Executive Board work session at WHS, Lecture Hall
Tuesday 3:00pm – Community Oven – Postcards
Wednesday 3:00pm – Community Oven – Postcards, Pick up Phone Lists & Lawn Signs, and Social Media!
Thursday 3:00pm – Sign Visibility in Hampton, North Hampton and Seabrook
Friday 3:00pm – Sign Visibility in Hampton, North Hampton and Seabrook
Saturday – Day of Action – Visibility/Canvassing – Multiple Locations and Times
Monday 3:00pm – Sign Visibility in Hampton, North Hampton and Seabrook

Beginning this Monday 2/20, be ready to write postcards, distribute stickers, make signage, and share social media at community oven after school.  In the following weeks, we’ll distribute information, canvass, host yard signs, do sign visibility and represent the contract at events around town in February and March.

5. Share our flyer when you canvass and continue to speak with other district voters about the contract and the successes of our students and teachers in SAUs 21&90. You might even discuss how 3 of 7 contract failures has affected your/your co-workers’ families’ lives and/or the loss of staff in district.

6. Encourage other district voters to fill out absentee ballots (printable applications below) and send them in.

7. Remind and encourage district voters to get to the polls on March 14th. If possible, find a ride for someone in need and of course, yourself.


Read the Tentative CBA Agreement (PDF)

SAU 90 Sample Ballot
SAU 21 Sample Ballots

How to Register and Where to Vote:

Download our handy how-to guide for district voters here (pdf)

Download an absentee ballot application and vote!

Hampton Absentee Ballot Application
Hampton Falls Absentee Ballot Application
North Hampton Ballot Applciation
Seabrook Absentee Ballot Application