SEA Representatives

Your SEA Building Representatives and Officers 2021-2022

SAU 21 Reps:
Hampton Falls
Kelli Maynard

North Hampton
Daniel Singer
Debra Vasconcellos

Seabrook Elementary
Blake Delaney
Jaclyn Rohr
Stacy Small

Seabrook Middle
Rebecca Scherbon
Matthew Wooley
Ryan Lanctot

South Hampton
AJ Pruett

Ron Auffant
Wendy Bergeron
John Croteau
Sarah Edgar
Andy Gushee
Michael Myers
Amy Scholes
Sarah Trahan
Amy Waterhouse

SAU 90 Reps:
Centre School
Kristen Benz
Johanna McPhee

Hampton Academy
Justin Coggeshall
Jim Doherty
Sean Tierney

Marston School
Michelle Croteau
Jason Schrack
Courtney Sellar

SEA Officers:
Co-Vice Presidents:
Amy Murphy
Andy Gushee

Andrew Wallace

Brandon Michaud

Communications/Administrative Assistant:
Rebecca Scherbon

Grievance Committee Chair:
Kevin Fleming

Grievance Advocate:
John Croteau

Political Action Committee Chairs:
Sarah Trahan
Jessica Hinchcliffe

Public Relations Committee Chair:
Sarah Edgar



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