SEA Representatives

Your SEA Building Representatives and Officers 2022-23
Executive Officers 2022-2023:

SEA President:  Andy Gushee
Vice President SAU 21: Andrew Wallace
Vice President SAU 90: TBD
Communications/Admin: Rebecca Scherbon
Treasurer: Brandon Michaud 
Building Reps 2022-2023:

SAU 21 Reps-
Hampton Falls:
Kelli Maynard

North Hampton:
Elliot Pope

Seabrook Elementary:
Blake Delaney
Stacy Small

Seabrook Middle:
Ryan Lanctot
Rebecca Scherbon
Colleen Sousa

South Hampton:
AJ Pruett


Ron Auffant
Wendy Bergeron
John Croteau
Andrew Wallace
Michael Myers
Amy Scholes
Sarah Trahan
Amy Waterhouse
SAU 90 Reps-
Centre School:
Johanna McPhee

Hampton Academy:

Marston School:
Amy Murphy
Jason Schrack


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