All Hands on Deck: So-called “Right to Work” Legislation Heads to House

NH’s so-called “Right to Work” bill (SB11) has already passed the NH State Senate and will soon be headed for a vote in the House in three to four weeks (Mid-February) Despite research that suggests that the law reduces a typical full-time workers’ wages by an average of 1,558 a year and NH already has a nation-low unemployment rate, the bill has support in the Republican Party. Coupled with the upcoming Dues Collection Elimination Bill (HB 438), the effects on public and private workers’ unions in NH could be devastating to membership and negotiations.  In the coming weeks, SEA will be joining forces with other unions to contact our state government representatives, spread awareness and rally at the statehouse.  Talk to a SEA rep for details and check the “Right to Work” tab often for updates.

Read the proposed bills here:
Right to Work Act (SB11)
Dues Collection Elimination Bill (HB 438)

Understand the bill and how it affects workers’ rights and NH jobs here:
What Is So-Called “Right to Work?”
8 Things You Should Know About the proposed “Right to Work” Legislation
Facts to Know About “Right to Work” and the Economy/Jobs/Rights
FAQs About “Right to Work”

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