SEA Votes for Reps! And Results!

UPDATE: Here are your elected SEA Representatives for 2019/20!

Centre School:

Cindy Colby

Hampton Academy:

Justin Coggeshall

Maurine Deluca

Jim Doherty

Hampton Falls:

Kelli Maynard

Amy Roy


Michele Croteau

Amber Levine

North Hampton:

Brenda Eaves

Dan Singer

Deb Vasconcellos

Seabrook Elementary:

Allison DeCicco

Seabrook Middle:

Matt Wooley

Valerie Zelasko

South Hampton:

AJ Pruett


Ron Auffant

Wendy Bergeron

Stacy Brown

Sarah Edgar

Andy Gushee

Christine Karmen

Amy Scholes

Sarah Trahan

Andrew Wallace

Amy Waterhouse

Check your email for the 2019 SEA Representatives Ballot on Survey Monkey. Voting will close this Friday 5/24 at 3pm.

Thank you to all who gave feedback on the ballot format. This was the best way to keep your voting choices anonymous while still limiting each member to one vote. We will use this format next year for the Executive Council elections as well. If you have more feedback, please let us know.

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