A Call to Action!

Dear Members,

Your action is desperately needed. NH Senate Bill 193 (the school voucher scheme) will be voted on January 3rd, 2018 by the NH House of Representatives. Make no mistake about it, this bill will wreak havoc on school budgets and negatively impact students and teachers.  Please share this information on social media and in your conversations.  SEA has a new facebook page so please like the page and share the information on it with your friends.

You have a voice and can have a hand in defeating this bill by calling your state representative. Call, email or send a postcard your local representatives and tell them to vote NO on SB193.  (Choose your town and click your reps’ name to get their phone number, email and address)  Here are instructions to send postcards and attached here are talking points and facts regarding the bill.

A phone call has the most impact, emails are helpful as well as direct mailings.
We encourage our members to stand up in the House and speak against this bill. They’re more emboldened when they can say thousands of constituents have contacted them urging them to speak out and vote no. Don’t let this opportunity to be heard pass you by.

Thank You,
John Croteau and SEA Representatives


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